Corporate Video Production

More online video content is made in 30 days than US television networks created in 30 years of continual broadcasting. Soak that last figure in. Sure, video content reaches eyeballs. But being seen isn’t nearly enough. We have to reach brains. And to make an impact on frontal cortexes in this distraction-saturated imagescape, you need way more than pretty visuals and flawless production technique. Your story needs to be fuelled with innovation and insight.
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Animation Explainer Video

We’re Shot One Studio — a boutique (yet scrappy!) team of videographers, marketers, and communicators. We make succinct, story-driven explainer videos your audience will remember. And because we’re a boutique (and don’t forget scrappy!) outfit, we can offer you an extremely competitive deal on your next explainer video. The standard rate is around $10,000. We can offer the same quality for around $2,000.
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Movement and Corrective Exercise

Are you struggling with an old sports injury or recovering from surgery? Have you tried working out in the past, only to have to stop when you hurt yourself? Maybe you are just out of shape and don’t know where to start? If this describes you, you might feel like you’re trapped in a limbo of wanting a more active and pain-free lifestyle, but uncertain — or even afraid — of how to begin that journey. Imagine waking up in the morning and not fearing that first step out of bed. Picture having more energy and confidence to do the things you love. How good would it feel not to worry your body will let you down?

One-on-one Personal Training

Big gyms can be intense and intimidating. You can feel like just one anonymous face in a crowded room full of unfamiliar faces and baffling exercise equipment. If you have injuries or other health challenges, getting started in a place like that can be even harder. The sad reality? Most people who start a fitness program alone, unrecognized and unguided end up frustrated. And they’ll probably eventually just give up and walk away.

Search Engine Optimization

You might believe SEO is all about organic search metrics, super-technical SEO techniques, and a mysterious set of rules that magically coalesce to boost your web traffic and business leads online. The truth about your SEO strategy is so much cooler and more interesting than that! Done well, SEO won’t just send new business leads and organic traffic to your virtual front door — although, yeah, it will do that. Thoughtful SEO will challenge you to rethink how you talk about your brand, and how
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