Managed Transportation Services

Plan and execute strategically to save time & reduce costs with IL2000 Freight Services

Freight expenses have always been a significant cost center. But in recent years the cost of moving material has steadily risen, driving demand for managed transportation services. Businesses that fail to pivot to spiraling freight costs have seen their options and growth dwindle. Today, companies are locked in fierce competition to build a process, control their freight costs, and protect their profitabilit

Business Intelligence

A company can’t truly understand how its transportation logistics works without historical data — loads of data. The business science of transportation logistics is built on cold, hard metrics in the same way that accounting is built on dollar signs and HR is built on people. But here’s the problem. Data on its own can’t get the job done; raw data lacks transportation insight. The deeper challenge of transportation logistics isn’t just about collecting and storing data — it’s about turning that
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Infectious Disease Management

As the COVID-19 pandemic has shown, an outbreak of infectious disease can pose significant and lasting challenges for public health authorities and infection control procedures. In a large outbreak, healthcare systems and public health authorities face demanding symptom monitoring and contact tracing challenges. A slow response can be the difference between a few confirmed contagious patients and a full-blown outbreak – having a profound impact on a community.
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HC Decedent Tracking

Share decedent data faster and more accurately: The system allows data-sharing in near real-time, with configurable data entry screens and barcoding that increases reporting accuracy

Secure and compliant: The data is encrypted and can be closely controlled using user permissions.

Enhanced efficiency: With a clear and granular historical dataset, medical examiner officers can better manage morgues, identify potential bottlenecks and generate strong justification for additional resources.
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HC Patient Tracking

When a large-scale emergency, natural disaster, or mass casualty incident occurs, tracking the movements of people is a critical part of coordinating an effective response. Critical decisions need to be made and executed with precision. Relying on phone calls and paper alone to collect and share information can cost time and lives. Track and manage patient movement with HC Patient Tracking™. The software adapts to your patient movement protocols, giving you the versatility to improve emergency d

Search Engine Optimization

You might believe SEO is all about organic search metrics, super-technical SEO techniques, and a mysterious set of rules that magically coalesce to boost your web traffic and business leads online.

The truth about your SEO strategy is so much cooler and more interesting than that!

Done well, SEO won’t just send new business leads and organic traffic to your virtual front door — although, yeah, it will do that. Thoughtful SEO will challenge you to rethink how you talk about your brand, and how