Virus Protection Email Series

Installing regular anti-virus software on your computer and going online is like taking a knife to a gun fight — and guess what? That anti-virus software you’re using is a butter knife. Malware today is sneakier, meaner and faster-acting than anything we had to deal with even a few years ago. The simple fact is, anti-virus software can no longer keep up. With our monitored Webroot SecureAnywhere service, the moment an infection hits your computer our trained security technicians will get alerted. They’ll find it, destroy it and then let you know that all is well.

Summer Technology Roundup

Hey there, illustrious nerdites. We hope May is treating you well! Now that Game of Thrones has sadly exited our lives, it's time to fully embrace the fact that ... Summer is coming. See what we did there? That's right, warmer weather is knocking on our door like a long lost friend with a big smile and a family sized bag of your favorite cheesy snacks. As we gear up for the Summer vacation season, we're setting our nerdy gaze on travel, and how to do it right.

Reputation Funnel Series for Yelp Reviews

You’re a Yelp user, so I’m sure you know the score. Reviews and ratings on Yelp are kind of a big deal. We’re writing to ask a cheeky little favor. If you could take a quick moment to jump on Yelp and leave a review of how effectively our nerd-smarts resolved your recent tech problem, we’d be ever so grateful! In fact it’d mean the world to us. So what do you say? Will you make a nerd’s Yelpish dreams come true?

B2B Customer Indoctrination Campaign (Triggered by Customer Status Change)

I’m Ryan Eldridge from Nerds On Call. I wanted to drop you a line as a valued customer to talk about a critical threat facing businesses today—and a FREE service we offer to help you address it. For the past 15 years, I’ve been helping businesses stay ahead of the technology curve.

Social media. Ecommerce. Cloud computing. Big data. Businesses have a lot to stay on top of if they’re going to stay competitive. I’ve seen a lot of technological changes over the years but I can honestly tell you, I’ve never seen a challenge as big as the one all companies are facing now.

Gain Logic Fear Series on Online Membership

Howdy! This is just a courtesy email to let you know that your pre-paid service plan membership will be expiring on [date].
But don’t panic! We’ve got your back… and we’re delighted to keep your computing 100% hassle, hiccup and headache free.
If you want to keep your membership by the month, no problem! Just confirm your $25 per month membership and we’re good to go. But if you’re going to need our nerdy know-how for the long haul, why not save some cash and sign up with a 6 or 12 month plan?