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When I was a ten-year-old, I daydreamed about Dr. Emmet Brown appearing at my front door just as he might visit Marty McFly in the biggest movie of my day, Back To The Future. “Great Scott, Future Boy,” he’d proclaim. Then he’d deliver some mind-blowing factoid about the future. Usually, his stunning temporal revelation involved flying, invisibility, or some other creative way to shirk choir practice. But if the esteemed Dr. Brown had told me that one day, I’d receive a telephone call from an ac

The Hedonic Treadmill (& how to jump off)

The hedonic treadmill is a metaphor that helps explain why happiness fades, why keeping up with the Joneses is exhausting, and how to set more rewarding goals.

Ever heard of the hedonic treadmill? Nope, it’s not the latest and greatest Peloton cardio contraption. It’s a metaphor from behavioral psychology, and it might just offer up some useful insights on your happiness, and how to build a healthy work-life balance. But before we get to metaphorical treadmills, let’s talk about baked goods.

How to Nurture a Winning Reputation as a Freelancer

Most freelancers learn pretty early on that good branding wins gigs. First impressions count, particularly when you’re a lone writer for hire and constantly on the lookout for fresh opportunities. But success as a freelancer isn’t just about the adrenaline rush of winning new work. It’s also about nurturing existing client relationships.

In fact, for many freelancers (this one included), that slow burn of building up a long and productive association with a client is a lot more rewarding, finan

Imposter Syndrome: What It Is and How You Can Beat It

Early in my career, my boss signed me up for a radio interview on live air. I knew this was bad news—just the thought made my stomach churn—but there wasn’t any way to get out of it. I spent weeks preparing for that 15-minute interview. I lost sleep over it. I was terrified the world would discover how little I knew about my job. The façade I’d cultivated for years would crumble. I’d get fired! I just knew it.

The disturbing past of Forest Haven Asylum

The US is littered with abandoned structures. Some of these spaces are entirely forgotten. Lost, their bones of brick and wood slowly return to the soil with barely a soul to Instagram their passing. Other structures are carefully curated and preserved, like a long-dead butterfly — pinned to cork, neatly labeled, and slowly doomed to fade under endless curious eyes. But a rare few abandoned structures jut raggedly from the earth, like an obscene finger gesture from the past. These places are sti

How to solve the toughest supply chain problems

You are here.

How did you get “here” exactly? Well, we won’t bore you with the details. Suffice it to say it involved a time machine. And a malfunctioning geo-temporal modulator. And a lost bet with a peg-legged bartender in a seedy drinking establishment in a back alley somewhere in Tortuga. It’s all a bit convoluted really.

The point is, you find yourself standing on the deck of a ship, staring at endless ocean in every direction, wondering how on earth you’ll find your way to safe harbor. A

International logistics and the strange case of the Orange Horror from the Deep

In the early 1980s, a man was strolling along a remote stretch of beach in Brittany, France. He’d walked this coastline many times across the years. He knew the land intimately — every rocky outcrop, every creature that called this windswept place home. But on this walk, the man’s eyes were drawn away from the beauty he knew so well.

Something was different.

In the early morning light, he made out the outline of an oddly shaped… thing… ahead of him, partially submerged beneath the seaweed and

The 80/20 Guide to Making Your Dream Job a Reality

Learn how to land your dream job with all the unnecessary doubt, indecision, and effort removed from the process using the 80/20 rule.

Imagine landing your dream job with all the unnecessary doubt, indecision, and effort removed from the process.

Imagine making it happen in just one-fifth of the time it might normally take.

Nope, we’re not suggesting a miracle cognition drug, cybernetic brain implants, or an aggressive juice cleanse. Instead, we want to draw your attention to a simple idea kn

Shoulders Back! – Waterways magazine

I can’t remember the last time I didn’t wake up in pain. I don’t mean to sound sorry for myself; I’m sure I’m not the only forty-something whose decades of sedentary desk work have taken their toll. But recently, the pain became harder to ignore.

COVID-19 is at least partly to blame. Thanks to the “New Normal,” I now work exclusively at home, and my little hobby room/office just wasn’t built for the daily nine-to-five. My desk is an awkward contraption, procured eight years ago from Ikea becaus

The man who was successfully turned into a zombie

The man who was successfully turned into a zombie

Haiti: 1962. A man checks himself into a hospital with labored breathing. The medical staff does their best but within a few hours of checking in, he's dead. His time of death is noted, and the body is carefully bagged and refrigerated. And there he remains in cold storage while his family, grief-stricken, make funeral arrangements. And the world flows on, as it always has and always will. Only this isn't the end of this particular man's story.