beat back bland.

Bold digital content that gets you noticed

You want your business to level up and grow... but a zombie horde of competition is crowding in on you, choking your message and stealing your audience. I understand your frustrations! Like you, I'm fed up with bland, paint by numbers content marketing that makes you look like everyone else. I'm here to help.

You need to stand out. 

You're on a quest to be different.

Apocalyptically bold copywriting is your secret weapon. 


You can't mince words when you're up against a horde of competition.
We need to message with a purpose. That means carefully chosen words, growth-driven content, and metrics-driven strategy.


We need to surprise -- to make bold gambits and calculated risks. 
You either beat the horde or you become the horde.


Your story didn't come from a copywriting handbook. It came from you: The struggles, the setbacks, the victories that made your business what it is. Let's use that story to our advantage. Let's let your customers know who you are and what you stand for.

Mark is a rare breed of writer. He's exceptionally talented and can write in many different styles.

Simon Smith, Websmith Inc.

4 Key Continuous Learning Lessons From a Cat

My cat is easily the most “together” person I’ve ever met. She’s always well-groomed. She’s rarely late. She’s religious about getting twelve hours of sleep every night, yet manages to maintain a peak level of fitness. Her persuasion skills are the stuff of legend.
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Want me on your team? 3 quick steps

1. Set up an appointment

See that button down there? Just click on it. 

2. Set up your story plan and content schedule

I'll walk you through building a set of branding and story-building resources. Then we'll build out a content schedule for you. I've done this before a lot, and will make the process easy for you. 

3. Review and recalibrate

After running some content ideas we can sit down and take a look at the data, and use what we learn to keep your growth and success surging. The horde may be numerous, but we can be swift and cunning. 

Mark has the rare talent of making the writing informative and authoritative but still approachable—and even funny! It's so refreshing to work with someone who can break out of the dry, academic tone to create content that connects with the reader emotionally.

Rachel Lake, Ivy Exec

Imposter Syndrome: What It Is and How You Can Beat It

Early in my career, my boss signed me up for a radio interview on live air. I knew this was bad news—just the thought made my stomach churn—but there wasn’t any way to get out of it. I spent weeks preparing for that 15-minute interview. I lost sleep over it. I was terrified the world would discover how little I knew about my job. The façade I’d cultivated for years would crumble. I’d get fired! I just knew it.

Date night apps: Don’t head out for a night on the town without them

Going out for a night on the town is cool. Is it just me though, or can it also be kind of hard work? I mean, it’s all well and dandy to put your fancy shoes on and head out into the big city, but without a plan of attack you could well end up sitting in Taco Bell at 9 pm with nothing more to show for your efforts than a tray of bean burritos and a heart filled with disappointment. Who needs that?

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