How to Maximize A Holiday Party on a Limited Budget

Whether you love them, hate them (or regard them with complete indifference), holiday celebrations are an undeniable reality of many company cultures. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas — when the silly season hits, work life can seem like a relentless parade of tinsel, paper plates and sensibly casual slacks. Which begs the question, why do we do it? Do these celebrations serve a deeper purpose? Or are they best simply gotten rid of when the company budget gets tight? Most importantly, if we d

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Smart home technology isn’t just about installing more gadgets into your house. It’s about working with technology to make your home more comfortable, safe and fun. That’s our goal at Home Technology Pros. Our technicians are experts at smoothly blending smart technologies into your daily home life. Picture a home life where: • Your security system notifies you when someone is at your front door • Your audio system produces crystal clear sound throughout your whole house • Your devices are co

Finding WiFi on the Road

Back in ancient times (OK, the ‘80s and ’90s), all you needed for sensible road travel was a road map, some coinage for a payphone and a York Peppermint Pattie (no other candy bar will do) for when you wanted to get your snack on. These days, while the pepperminty goodness remains just as necessary as always, paper maps and phone money have withered into complete and utter obsolescence. What you need now is WiFi; that magical data field which gives your smartphone all the information it needs t

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Smart lighting has some amazing features to make your home life more convenient and comfortable, from sensors to smart phone control to voice activation. Better yet, we'll save you money and keep you safe! Smart lights can make a huge difference in your home. Let’s talk about convenience. We can configure your smart lighting to make your life just a little bit easier in all kinds of ways. Let’s say you have ceiling fans or other appliances you usually activate when you enter a room. HTPros can

6 Indie Films You Must Watch Before You Die

I can’t tell you exactly why, but I’ve always found there’s something compelling and hypnotic about hunting for that hidden gem of an indie film. Unfettered by big studio money and unconstrained by the claustrophobic restrictions of “what sells,” indie films are inherently hit or miss. The vast majority of indie films either glow with distinctiveness and originality or… well… radiate a toxic cloud of unfortunate stank. The following is a list of indie films you absolutely should at least try t

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Having a good TV in your home is great, but it can’t compete with the complete home theater experience. The lights dim and as you sit back in a comfy sofa, you’re immersed in surround sound and the brilliant, crisp display of 4k television display. It’s unbeatable. While the home theater experience is incredible, making it happen can be a real headache. What equipment should you buy given your budget? Where should it be installed? How should the equipment be configured? And how do you deal with

You Should Find A Franchise Business With Monthly Recurring Revenue

Starting a franchise offers several advantages over going it alone. You inherit a sales & marketing model. You walk into a business where there’s a body of knowledge about what works and what doesn’t. You get the luxury of not starting from scratch. But let’s face it. You’re also walking into uncertainty. Finding ways to fill in the blanks and combat the unknown is one of the first big challenges you’ll face as you set out on your own franchise story. A franchise with recurring revenue option

Design and Space-Planning Resources to Help You Plan Your Next Home Upgrade

Devising a new room layout is one of those strange design activities which manages to be both creatively rewarding and deceptively tedious. There’s no question that it’s exciting to recreate a living space. With just a few tweaks to furniture layout and color, it’s almost as though you’re living in a brand new space! On the other hand, let’s be honest here. It’s work. Unless you’re astoundingly lucky and get that perfect aesthetic balance on your first try, chances are you’ll be shifting furnit

The Role of Blockchain in Neurointerface Design

Blockchain is everywhere. Recently an iced tea company rebranded itself as “Long Blockchain” and its stock price tripled overnight. Right now, for good or ill, Blockchain is one of those trending, buzz words which attracts investment and excitement. All that being said, when it comes to innovation in neurotechnology, blockchain technology isn’t just an optional gimmick. It’s a vital piece in a puzzle and a crucial, enabling foundation for safe ne

What you need to know before starting an HTPro's Franchise

You’re probably reading this because you’re interested in the idea of owning your own HTPro’s franchise. We’re glad you’re here and we want to say right from the outset: if you’re feeling kind of overwhelmed, we get it! Back in 2013, we were looking at a similar decision of sticking with our traditional 9-5 gigs or making a move to control our own destiny. Five years later, we can look back at the story of our business and know that it all turned out great, but right back at the beginning, the

Wedding Planning Apps: What Apps to Use to Help Plan Your Wedding

Weddings are a kind of odd cultural phenomenon. On the one hand, they’re meant to be romantic — and to be fair, more often than not they actually, genuinely are. On the other hand, they’re work. None of that gooey romance stuff happens unless you work really hard to get those logistics details, bridesmaid’s “disagreements” and financial considerations properly squared away.

Home Technology Pros - Smart Thermostat Installation

Just a few years ago, your typical thermostat was a pretty basic affair, with very few options beyond simply making your home warmer or making it cooler. Smart thermostats have turned home climate control on its head. Instead of forcing homeowners to constantly tweak and adjust the climate, smart thermostats are capable of actively learning your preferences and monitoring the temperature of your whole home for you.

Drone or Clone? Exploring The Neurotech Possibilities

If you’re anything like me, the thought of projecting your consciousness into a robot will send a happy shiver of “what if” down your spine. Ever since I discovered Doctor Who and the joys of science-fiction, robots have been a “thing” for me. I’m going to just admit it: I really want to spend a day in a robot’s big, clunky metallic shoes. Hell it wouldn’t even need to be one of the large, scary ones. A cute one with a little aerial sticking out the top of its head would be just fine. Flash for

Biofuels and Renewable Energy: What China’s Experience Can Show Us

When it comes to energy, we inventive humans have dug a hole for ourselves. On the one hand, we need more of it. A lot more. Every year, demand for energy rises sharply. On the other hand, the more fuel we consume the more harm we inflict on the environment. This dilemma is one of the more intractable problems defining human civilization. But there is hope. The dual prongs of our energy dilemma may be unravelled by one grand, beautiful and multifaceted solution: biofuels and renewable energy.
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