Sensibly Unusual Content Marketing... Huh?

Yep. I produce sensibly unusual content. I'm aware this is a somewhat peculiar way to describe professional content marketing! But after years of struggling to describe my style in more professional terms, I've arrived at the conclusion that clunky honesty is preferable to slick sales talk. If you'd like to learn a bit more about what "sensibly unusual content" means, you might like to head on over to my origin story (aka A Tale of Grasshopper Human Hybrids). 

For the sake of simplicity, I write copy that is:

  • connective (placing products and people in a social context)
  • sensory (linking ideas to senses and emotions) 
  • ... hmm ... strategically counter-intuitive (blending the familiar with the unusual).

My approach is not for everyone! But if you like the idea of fun content which gets readers engaged without relying solely on the same handful of copywriting techniques, you're in the right place. 

Want to Try Something Different?