Mark has the rare talent of making the writing informative and authoritative but still approachable—and even funny! It's so refreshing to work with someone who can break out of the dry, academic tone to create content that connects with the reader emotionally. Mark is a compelling storyteller, and I'm happy to work with him. He is also extremely thoughtful and easy to work with—assignments are submitted on time and he's very responsive if anything comes up.

Rachel Lake, Ivy Exec

Mark is an exceptional writer. He was able to adopt our brand's personality effortlessly. His work needs very little if any editing and always meets his deadlines.

Ryan Eldridge, Squirrel Digital Media

Mark is a rare breed of writer. He's exceptionally talented and can write in many different styles. He's also 100% reliable. We can always count on him to deliver exactly what we need, when we need it. But what sets Mark apart the most... is his extreme honesty. We've never worked with a writer who is so straight up about how long the work took to complete and how much we owe him. On several occasions he's even told us to pay him LESS because the article took less time. Highly recommended.

Simon Smith, Websmith Inc.

Mark is a master of the English language. Have your message stand out in front of your audience. Have it served it in an appetizing way. Mark not only does the job, he will think through it and be keen to create new opportunities. Last but not least, he's fun to talk to.

Tomáš Zukal, Improveo

I honestly don't know what I would have done if I had not found Mark. My clients often want an original piece of copy for their blogs, articles, whitepapers, etc. I need to be able to delegate that writing to an expert who knows how to write quickly, clearly, professionally with a light "voice". Mark has always met and EXCEEDED my expectations and needs. I will always reach out to Mark when I need an excellently researched and written piece of copy. Thank you for making me look good!

Faye Kimmel, Faye Kimmel Consulting

Mark approached me about editing and improving the language on our website. He is super passionate about doing an amazing job and making a difference, and really did exactly what he promised. Really looking forward to working with Mark again.


I am working with Mark on different projects and he is doing a great job! The communication is perfect - he always updates you on progress, reports any issues, gives suggestions, etc. He is one of the few copywriters I know who actually follows the guidelines and delivers top quality content in a very timely manner. On top of that, he is so much fun to work with! :-) I honestly recommend hiring Mark - the guy is a real gem! :-)

Hanna, Outreach Specialist, Elephate

Mark produced some great copy! His knowledge of the health sector was an asset and he was able to write clear, engaging copy which appealed to the target audience. Highly recommended.

Moe Nawaz, Business Strategist