Stories With a Point

Telling a story is just ... fun. A good story is also a great way to build rapport with your readers, even if it's just a simple anecdote or aside. I *love* working with brands to develop a conversational angle and a relatable face.

Frozen treasures found in the depths of Antarctica

Antarctica is a remote enough chunk of the Earth as it is, but the speckle of tiny Antarctic islands surrounding the continent is ridiculously remote. Some of these islands are almost impossible to get a plane to fly over, let alone land on. One such speck on the map is Saunders Island, lying around 1,000 miles off the eastern edge of Antarctica's frigid coastline. Researchers analyzing high-resolution South Pole satellite imagery spotted something unusual about Saunders Island — or more specifi

Darkest TV moments from the '00s

It's easy to remember TV shows of the '00s as a relentless rainbow of upbeat, primary-colored tales about people being there for one another, especially when the rain starts to pour. However, that televisual happy-scape of yesteryear (okay, less than 20 years ago) was actually speckled through with its fair share of dark 'n' dreary moments. The seedy televisual underbelly of the not-so-nice double-oughts had something mean, gritty, or just plain not cool for everyone — from grueling reality sho

How Heavy Metal Fans Are Smarter Than Many People Think

There’s a certain stereotype associated with the “metalhead.” It’s not especially favorable, let’s be honest. “Not too smart, kind of aggressive and more than a bit antisocial” about sums it up.Turns out, this perception is pretty much the opposite of what the research actually tells us. Metalheads are, statistically speaking, more likely to be intellectually and emotionally smart, more likely to have a complex appreciation for music and ar

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