Imposter Syndrome: What It Is and How You Can Beat It

Early in my career, my boss signed me up for a radio interview on live air. I knew this was bad news—just the thought made my stomach churn—but there wasn’t any way to get out of it. I spent weeks preparing for that 15-minute interview. I lost sleep over it. I was terrified the world would discover how little I knew about my job. The façade I’d cultivated for years would crumble. I’d get fired! I just knew it.

4 Consulting Firms That Support Work-Life Balance

Most employees appreciate the importance of balancing their professional obligations against the time they need to enjoy life outside the office. But work-life balance is more than just a buzzword. According to the American Institute of Stress, nearly 80% of US professionals report feeling stressed by their work. Studies on family conflict show that added work pressure exerts a significant negative influence on happiness at home, and poor work-life balance correlates to chronic health condition

5 Smart Home Upgrades to Help You Sell Your Home

These upgrades are quick, easy, and won’t break the bank If you’re planning to sell your home, having a few smart features could sweeten the deal and make it that much easier to sell. Here’s our list of the five best smart upgrades to look into if you’re selling your home. When you’re selling your home, one of the strongest selling points you can show to potential buyers is comfort. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t want to be comfortable in their own home! With a list of am

Best Smart Outdoor Upgrades for Summer

If you’re interested in home comforts and cool gadgetry, it’s likely you’re well acquainted with some of the amazing new smart technologies which can make the inside of your home more comfortable, more fun and more secure. But what about outside? With Summer upon us, it’s a good time to take a look at some of the best smart outdoor upgrades to make those long Summer evenings even more delightful. For those of us who are into music and the whole home theater experience, good quality indoor spe

4 Key Continuous Learning Lessons From a Cat

My cat is easily the most “together” person I’ve ever met. She’s always well-groomed. She’s rarely late. She’s religious about getting twelve hours of sleep every night, yet manages to maintain a peak level of fitness. Her persuasion skills are the stuff of legend.
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Digital To-Do’s for Stress-Free Travel

Living a life of nerdish excellence at home is a wondrous thing. But let’s be honest. It’s also easy. Modern home life encases us in a warm, gooey cocoon of lightning-fast WiFi, abundant power outlets, and overly obliging smart speakers. Maintaining that same level of techno-poise is a lot harder when you’re traveling. Far from the predictable comfort of your favorite comfy armchair and snack-filled fridge, all those miraculous technologies you relied on to make life easier mightn’t be quite so

Top 4 Home Improvements That Add Value To Your Home

In the U.S., it’s estimated that roughly 5.5 million houses will change hands in 2018. Sooner or later, most homeowners are going to find themselves looking for ways to maximize the value of their home. One of the best ways to achieve this is through investing in green home improvements. In fact, recent studies suggest that homes with green technology upgrades consistently outsell homes on the market not equipped with green technology.

How Much Does Replacing Your Roof Improve Energy Efficiency?

Americans spend about $40 billion annually to keep their homes warm in winter and cool in summer. That’s a lot, and it’s way more—at least 20 to 30 percent—than it needs to be. A big part of our massive national climate bill boils down to one thing: our roofs aren’t cutting it. Here are a few ways you can improve the energy efficiency of your home by replacing your roof with some slick, (and possibly PACE financing-eligible) green upgrades. By the way, if you're curious to see if your roof replacement is eligible for Ygrene PACE financing, click below to find out within just 5 minutes!

Date night apps: Don’t head out for a night on the town without them

Going out for a night on the town is cool. Is it just me though, or can it also be kind of hard work? I mean, it’s all well and dandy to put your fancy shoes on and head out into the big city, but without a plan of attack you could well end up sitting in Taco Bell at 9 pm with nothing more to show for your efforts than a tray of bean burritos and a heart filled with disappointment. Who needs that?

The Energy Saver’s Guide to Window Replacement

Looking for ways to lower the costs of heating and cooling your home? Since up to 30% of a home’s heating energy is lost through its windows, window replacement is one of the most cost-effective solutions you can consider. Energy-efficient windows are specifically designed to do two things. First, they create an impermeable barrier between the air outside and the heated or cooled air inside your home. Second, they reduce the transmission of heat and cold through the glass. As you’ll see, there’s a lot of technology that goes into making that happen.

Frozen treasures found in the depths of Antarctica

Antarctica is a remote enough chunk of the Earth as it is, but the speckle of tiny Antarctic islands surrounding the continent is ridiculously remote. Some of these islands are almost impossible to get a plane to fly over, let alone land on. One such speck on the map is Saunders Island, lying around 1,000 miles off the eastern edge of Antarctica's frigid coastline. Researchers analyzing high-resolution South Pole satellite imagery spotted something unusual about Saunders Island — or more specifi
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Global Healthcare Communications: Improving Healthcare Outcomes

Communication is at the heart of who we are as humans. The technologies we’ve developed to communicate more effectively have been instrumental in increasing both our lifespans and the quality of life we experience. This is especially true when it comes to healthcare and its reliance on global healthcare communications. Today, global healthcare is a coordinated effort across disparate teams. It’s a complex and knowledge-intensive process, whose goal is not just to produce favorable patient outcomes, but also to further public health goals for society at large.

How Trade Finance Works: A Basic Guide for import/export Businesses

In our interconnected world where instantaneous global communication is taken for granted, it’s easier than ever to do business anywhere in the world. However, while the opportunities are plentiful, the process of buying and selling internationally is not without its risks and complications. There are many variables at play, with volatile exchange rates, cash flow problems and economic uncertainties all posing their own unique challenges.

Are Videos Still The Hottest Social Media Trend?

Every day, viewers watch more than 1,000,000,000,000 hours of YouTube content. That’s one billion hours spent watching everything from cats being cute to how to get that perfect smoky eye shadow look. If that wasn’t a staggering enough number of zeroes, YouTube is only one social media channel among a vast videographic zoo of options, each offering their own unique spin on sharing content down the barrel of a video camera. So where did it all begin? How are trends in video social media evolving

How to Maximize A Holiday Party on a Limited Budget

Whether you love them, hate them (or regard them with complete indifference), holiday celebrations are an undeniable reality of many company cultures. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas — when the silly season hits, work life can seem like a relentless parade of tinsel, paper plates and sensibly casual slacks. Which begs the question, why do we do it? Do these celebrations serve a deeper purpose? Or are they best simply gotten rid of when the company budget gets tight? Most importantly, if we d

Disruption And Change - How Unique Perspectives Can Change The World

Everyone is different. This is hardly a controversial or revolutionary observation. Unless you happen to live on some island somewhere conveniently populated with genetic clones of yourself, sooner or later you’re going to stumble across someone with different opinions. However, somehow the simple fact of difference seems to cause a lot of disturbance in this mixed up world of ours. Different opinions and perspectives are disruptive. They’re destabilizing.

Is the Delta crypto app the best way to track your portfolio?

It was in the deep primordial past of 2017 that the Delta crypto app first burst onto the scene and into the hearts and minds of investors needing a better crypto portfolio tracker. Delta is designed to provide an intuitive and low-maintenance platform for tracking cryptocurrencies. Building on a solid suite of tracking tools, Delta also seeks to provide a complete solution for making portfolio decisions. To make that happen, it provides a dynamic picture of the market as a whole, with the latest coin prices, market charts and even a highly configurable alert system so you can stay ahead of the curve with investment opportunities.

Humanoid robot: a servant or a clone

If you’re anything like me, the thought of projecting your consciousness into a robot will send a happy shiver of “what if” down your spine. Ever since I discovered Doctor Who and the joys of science-fiction, robots have been a “thing” for me. I’m going to just admit it: I really want to spend a day in a robot’s big, clunky metallic shoes. Hell it wouldn’t even need to be one of the large, scary ones. A cute one with a little aerial sticking out the top of its head would be just fine.

The disturbing past of Forest Haven Asylum

The US is littered with abandoned structures. Some of these spaces are entirely forgotten. Lost, their bones of brick and wood slowly return to the soil with barely a soul to Instagram their passing. Other structures are carefully curated and preserved, like a long-dead butterfly — pinned to cork, neatly labeled, and slowly doomed to fade under endless curious eyes. But a rare few abandoned structures jut raggedly from the earth, like an obscene finger gesture from the past. These places are sti
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